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30 Best Indian Dropshipping Suppliers in 2024

Published By Shashiglasses11 May, 2024
30 Best Indian Dropshipping Suppliers in 2024

Choosing suitable India Dropshipping suppliers is necessary for business success. Furthermore, dropshipping from Indian suppliers opens up a world of possibilities by giving you access to many high-demand products at low costs. In addition, without investing heavily in inventory, packaging, or shipping, dropshipping allows you to earn profits quickly by tapping into Indian suppliers' established networks and service capabilities.

Similarly, if you're considering expanding your online business internationally but aren't sure where to start, Indian dropshipping suppliers deserve your consideration. Consequently, in this article, I'll share why teaming up with Indian companies can supercharge your venture's growth, highlight top benefits, and provide a simple process for finding reputable partners.

What is Dropshipping?

To begin with, dropshipping is a retail business model where retailers do not keep products in stock. Instead, when a customer orders, the retailer forwards the sales order to a third-party supplier or manufacturer. Furthermore, the supplier then ships the product directly to the customer.

This allows retailers to sell inventory they do not have in their possession. Dropshipping eliminates the cost and risk of maintaining a physical inventory for retailers. They do not need to spend money on warehousing or storage space to store products.

What can you Dropship?

Here are a few wide-ranging product categories that generally see steady demand for dropshipping by online sellers: To start with, apparel and accessories continue to be perennially popular items. This incorporates everything from casualwear like t-shirts and hoodies to fashion jewelry sold via many e-commerce stores.


Similarly, the beauty and wellness sector offers ample options for health-conscious customers. Supplements, skincare products, and cosmetics like lipsticks drive steady orders across numerous niche stores. Additionally, consumer electronics remains a Drew favorite amongst drop shippers, given consistent interest. Examples include smart devices, headphones, fitness trackers, and various accessories. Here is the table with 30 top Indian dropshipping suppliers and their description:

Supplier Description
1. Limeroad Online fashion retailer that offers dropshipping for clothing, footwear, accessories, etc. They have a large inventory of products.
2. Meesho Social commerce platform that connects manufacturers directly to customers. Provides access to various product categories for dropshipping.
3. Shopmatic eCommerce platform that allows sellers to create online stores. Offers Indian dropshipping for various categories through their marketplace.
4. Paytmmall eCommerce site owned by Paytm. Provides Indian dropshipping for fashion, electronics, home & kitchen, etc. Large supplier base.
5. Amazon Large ecommerce marketplace. Indian sellers can offer dropshipping through their platform for most product categories. Huge customer base.
6. Flipkart Homegrown Indian ecommerce giant. Provides dropshipping facility for major product categories through their marketplace. Reach across India.
7. IndiaMart Largest online B2B marketplace in India. Connects buyers to a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers for dropshipping.
8. Alibaba Chinese B2B platform with presence in India. Offers Indian dropshipping suppliers across categories like electronics, clothing, toys, etc.
9. 1stDibs Luxury goods marketplace. Allows sellers to source fine art, antique furniture and high-end collectibles via Indian dropshipping.
10. Dukaan SaaS platform to setup online stores. Provides dropshipping from suppliers across India for various product types. Affordable rates.
11. ShopClues Online marketplace connecting buyers to local Indian suppliers. Dropship various women's clothing, accessories and home décor items.
12. Kapiva Sells ayurvedic and herbal products. Provides dropshipping facility to sellers for products like oils, supplements, spices etc.
13. NDTV Profit Store Ecommerce venture of media house NDTV. Dropships electronics, appliances, kitchenware & other items. Trusted supplier.
14. Craftsvilla Online marketplace focused on handicrafts, furnishings and ethnic products. Dropships from artisans across India. Unique collection.
15. Indiamart B2B portal connecting local manufacturers of stationery, electronics, hardware and industrial products for dropshipping.
16. Paparesh Art and luxury goods marketplace. Provides dropshipping from suppliers of paintings, sculptures, handicrafts and designer products.
17. Zaful Dropships latest fashion trends, styles and designs in clothing from their own inventory stocks across India.
18. Bewakoof Youth fashion brand catering to trendy apparel and accessories. Offers dropshipping facility from their catalog.
19. Vista Rooms Exporter and manufacturer of furniture, home decor, furnishings and office stationery. Available for dropshipping.
20. Vedant Fashions Own brands like Manyavar, Mohey, Mebaz. Dropships Indian ethnic wear collection for men and women.
21. Home Lane Sells home furniture online. Provides dropshipping option for suppliers of beds, sofas, cabinets across India.
22. Pepperfry Ecommerce for home and furniture. Dropships from various manufacturers of furniture, appliances and home décor items.
23. Jaipan Marketplace focused on handicrafts, jewelry, ethnic fashion. Connects artisans for dropshipping of traditional products.
24. Kiranabari Supplier of ethnic Assam silk sarees and clothes. Offers dropshipping and wholesale rates for their vast collection.
25. Craft Crate Specializes in handicrafts, artifacts, jewelry from small designers. Dropships curated collections with unique products.
26. YepMe Dropships latest trends in clothing, footwear for men, women from their own catalog of partner brands.
27. HomeTown Furniture and home decor marketplace. Dropships from various manufacturers across India at competitive rates.
28. SMyles Online retailer catering to fashion jewelry and accessories. Provides dropshipping facility from their collections.
29. HP Hyperlocal Stationery, electronics wholesale. Connects sellers to local suppliers of these goods for dropshipping pan India.
30. BBazaar B2B portal connecting suppliers of hardware, electrical, plastic goods etc. Dropshipping option available.

Why Consider Indian Suppliers?

There are compelling reasons why Indian suppliers have become hugely popular among savvy entrepreneurs globally:


Vast product selection: With a population of over 1.3 billion, India supplies everything from electronics and fabrics to jewelry and apparel. You can easily tap into Indian suppliers' expansive inventory of niche and fast-moving products.

Low minimum orders: Unlike makers in other countries, many Indian companies accept small initial orders, starting from as little as ten pieces. This reduces your upfront investment and risk.

Competitive pricing: Labor and manufacturing costs are lower in India compared to Western nations. Suppliers pass on significant cost savings, letting you offer competitive prices.

Quality assurance: Top suppliers have robust quality systems in place. Their expertise lies in mass-producing goods affordably while maintaining standards. Quality is thoroughly checked before shipping.

Established distribution: Indian suppliers are experts in logistics. Their warehouses are strategically located for quick and reliable shipping worldwide via sea and air freight. Orders get fulfilled rapidly. Does expanding product selection at low risks while offering good value to customers with speedy deliveries appeal to your business goals? Then, Indian dropshipping could be an excellent strategic choice worth exploring.

Key Benefits of Working With Indian Dropshipping Suppliers

Here is an expanded explanation of the key benefits with additional transition words: Beyond the practical considerations, partnering with suitable Indian suppliers unlocks various powerful benefits for your online business. To begin with, reducing overhead costs by leveraging Indian suppliers to handle inventory, sourcing, packaging, and shipping can significantly boost profit margins.

Furthermore, it eliminates the need for expensive warehousing and cuts fixed operating expenses. In addition, outsourcing logistics frees up time and resources so you can focus on vital strategic functions to drive higher sales, such as researching products, optimizing websites, running promotional campaigns on social media, and providing top-notch customer service.

This allows reinvesting saved costs into growth activities. Similarly, gaining access to the large Indian and Asian markets opens a vast global customer base without establishing local operations. Suppliers fulfill international orders so you can tap vast demand from these regions.

Moreover, the dropshipping model requires minimal initial capital commitment since you only pay suppliers for shipped orders. This lowers financial risk compared to conventional inventory-based models, where capital can remain locked in unsold stock.

How to Find Reliable Indian Dropshipping Partners

Now that you're convinced of the advantages, here are some simple steps to connect with trusted Indian suppliers:


Research supplier directories Firstly, researching supplier directories is critical to initiating the search process. Principally, browsing sites like IndiaMART and Alibaba allow filtering suppliers by location, product categories, certifications, number of employees, and critical parameters. Specifically, scanning supplier profiles on these platforms more thoroughly can yield valuable insights. Mainly, you can view company details, Specializations, product catalogs, manufacturing capabilities, client reviews, and more clearly on their pages.

Could you check trust signals online? I'd also like to gain further insights. Reading ratings and feedback shared by prior buyers on third-party review forums provides a more holistic view. Specifically, platforms like Trustpilot allow filtering suppliers according to location and studying user comments leftover time. Mainly, consistency in services offered and handling issues highlighted aids in assessing long-term dependability.

Request product samples and quotes. I'd also like to gain further insights. Reading ratings and feedback shared by prior buyers on third-party review forums provides a more holistic view. Specifically, platforms like Trustpilot allow filtering suppliers according to location and studying user comments leftover time. Mainly, consistency in services offered and handling issues highlighted aids in assessing long-term dependability.

Start Dropship with commrz?

Therefore, before committing to a partnership, understand payment modes, inventory policies, lead times, minimum ordering quantities, and returns/exchanges. In the same way, could you get clarification on any doubts?

Consequently, with some research and verification, you can confidently partner with capable Indian suppliers to strengthen and expand your e-commerce business with commrz.


To begin, Commrz stands out as a top-rated website builder known for enabling users to create and manage powerful online stores and portfolios easily. Importantly, Commrz provides an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that skillfully avoids many restrictions commonly found on other hosted platforms. By following this step-by-step approach and being persistent, you can eventually build a successful long-term dropshipping business Idea in India.

How to Create Your Own Website on commrz

Are you a business owner waiting to unlock your online potential? As India’s leading digital marketplace commrz is ready to help you establish an engaging online presence without any hassles.

In just 5 simple steps, you can start selling to customers across India:

  1. Sign Up: Visit;and enter your details to register for a free seller account.
  2. Create Your Storefront: Choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates and customize them with your logo, colors, products, etc.
  3. List Your Inventory: Use our easy upload tool to add photos and details of each product/service you offer.
  4. Accept Payments: commrz;seamlessly integrates popular payment gateways for safe, secure transactions.
  5. Start Selling: Once live, your store can be found via search and promoted using our marketing tools.

From there, seamlessly manage orders, shipments, customer queries and analytics – all within your commrz dashboard.

Similarly, the builder grants absolute control over websites through its user-friendly interface. 

Clothing dropshipping suppliers India

The fashion industry is thriving, and with the rise of e-commerce, clothing dropshipping suppliers india has become a popular business model for entrepreneurs looking to start their online clothing stores.

India, known for its rich textile heritage and diverse fashion offerings, is home to numerous clothing dropshipping suppliers. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the best clothing India dropshipping suppliers, you with a curated list of reliable and high-quality suppliers to kickstart your clothing business.


Conclusion: Indian Dropshipping Suppliers

In conclusion, I hope this gives you an overview of the opportunities to partner with Indian dropshipping suppliers. Furthermore, the various benefits discussed around reducing costs, risks, and overhead should demonstrate how teaming up with reputed Indian companies can powerfully accelerate your e-commerce business growth.

Ultimately, with some research and guidance on validation steps, you can confidently choose suppliers to strengthen and expand your operations profitably. Above all, establishing long-term relationships with capable partners will continue propelling your success online. Consequently, by implementing the strategies covered and maintaining frequent communication, you can leverage Indian suppliers as your competitive advantage.


Q1. Is the dropshipping complex to set up with Indian suppliers?

Setting up dropshipping via Indian suppliers is relatively straightforward. Communicate your requirements clearly; suppliers will guide you through the simple onboarding process. The key is choosing suppliers who make collaboration effortless through client-friendly order and workflow systems.

Q2. What payment methods do Indian suppliers accept?

Most reputable suppliers accept secure payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, bank wire transfers, etc. A few also offer terms like payment against shipment to establish trust for new clients. Please always check a supplier's preferred payment policies ahead of time.

Q3. How can shipping times to customers be optimized?

Shipping is usually the fastest when ordering popular items that suppliers stock in large quantities. You can also talk about pre-packing combined recurring order items for consolidated shipping. Suppliers will prioritize order fulfillment and advise optimal freight carriers per destination countries.

Q4. How can a small business owner assess supplier credibility?

Researching online reviews, certifications, website security seals, social media presence, and company information are good credibility indicators. It also helps to ask for product samples, check packaging quality, and have video calls with supplier representatives to get a sense of professionalism and transparency.

Q5. What growth strategies can complement Indian dropshipping?

Some ideas are running promotions on supplier catalogs, cross-promoting related products, creating quality content, engaging customers via social platforms, remarketing to cart abandoners, and offering loyalty programs to boost repeat sales. Testing marketing automation tools can maximize these efforts.

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