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Custom Solutions

Unlock Your Potential with Our Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for Unique Business Needs

We provide specialized custom website development services tailored to the complex needs of enterprise businesses. Our team of experienced developers, project managers and consultants have a proven track record of delivering sophisticated, scalable solutions to large corporations across various industries.

Understanding Your Business, Empowering Your Growth

We Understand Enterprise Needs

Commrz understands global business growth and technology challenges, providing solutions for security, integration, collaboration, and customization, while focusing on processes, systems, and long-term strategies for efficiency and growth support.

• Understand advanced technology requirements.

• Addresses security, integration, collaboration, and customization challenges.

• Learns processes, systems, and long-term strategy.

• Develop solutions for efficiency and growth support.

Expertise You Can Trust, Service You Can Count On

Understanding Your Business, Empowering Your Growth

Commrz offers exceptional custom solution services, focusing on expertise, personalized support, and delivering the best results for businesses, transforming them one solution at a time.

• Collaborative Approach

• Clear Requirements

• Agile Development

• Testing and Quality Assurance

• Maintenance and Support

• Continuous Improvement

• Scalability and Flexibility

• Security and Compliance

• User Experience: Prioritize user experience and usability

Your Partner in Custom Software Development

Flexible Engagement Models

We provide flexible engagement options for mission-critical projects, offering dedicated teams, customized service-level agreements, and agile processes for iterative development and continuous feedback.

Proven Success Across Industries

We have successfully delivered numerous complex enterprise applications across various industries, and we are eager to discuss how our skills can be utilized to meet your specific technology needs.

Best Solutions, Best Service, Best Results

Why Commrz is More Preferred by Merchants

Affordable Pricing Plan

Affordable Pricing Plan   

Commrz offers affordable pricing starting at just Rs. 799/month, making it more accessible for small and growing businesses compared to Wix's international pricing.
Affordable Pricing Plan

Powerful Apps 

Commrz provides variety of apps for all the different ways you want to customize your website free.
Affordable Pricing Plan

User-Friendly Design

The platform is designed for user-friendliness, ease of navigation, and the ability to customize design and content without ever needing to modify coding.
Affordable Pricing Plan

24/7 Call Support 

Commrz, as it delivers outstanding responsive assistance beyond all hours to keep your store running smoothly and has you covered affordably at every stage
Affordable Pricing Plan

SEO Functionality  

Optimize your ecommerce website for search engines by customizing meta tags, URLs, and descriptions to improve your online visibility.
Affordable Pricing Plan

Flexible Subscriptions

Commrz, allows flexible building any site needed within your budget also no need to pay monthly transaction fees.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, here’s why Commrz is your best choice

Mobile Optimized theme

Mobile Optimized Theme

Sleek and responsive design tailored for optimal performance on mobile devices
Showcase your Product

Showcase your Product

Comprehensive demonstration illustrating the product's functionality, user interface, and unique selling points.
Apps to Boost Performance

Apps to Boost Performance

Variety of apps for all the different ways you want to customize your website.
Easy to Manage Panel

Easy to Manage Panel

Simplified dashboard layout providing clear and concise access to all management functionalities.
SEO Optimized

SEO Optimized

Optimized website structure and navigation to enhance crawlability and indexability by search engine bots.

360 degree view of product

Comprehensive product descriptions providing detailed information on features, specifications, and benefits from all angles.


We have put special care into making commrz one of the fastest website builder.

Our code is precise and effecient. That means, fewer requests, more speed, many extra useful features.

  • Lines of Code 61.1k
  • PageSpeed 84+
  • SEO Score 100
  • Accessibility 100

Kickstart your online store with these themes

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eCom Basic

Great for small business and influencers.


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How to create online shopping website in just 5 steps

Follow these 5 simple steps to create an online e-commerce website today:

  1. ​Sign up for a free e-commerce website
    Setup your online e-commerce website.
  2. Add products to your e-commerce website
    Showcase your e-commerce portfolio.
  3. Set up payment methods and shipping
    Convert browsers to customers with a smooth purchase flow.
  4. Connect a custom domain
    Select a domain name that best represents your e-commerce website.
  5. Publish your online e-commerce website
    Publish your brand through social media, email and other marketing channel and grow sales.
create online online shopping website

How to Start an Online Store in 2024 – No Code Required

Follow these 6 simple steps to create an online online shopping website today:

1. Decide on the purpose of your website

Before you begin creating your website, set some goals. What do you want to achieve by making a website? Developing a vision for your site will help you choose what features to work on first.

Common business website functions include:
  • Selling physical or digital products
  • Posting information about your company
  • Sharing updates and announcements in a blog
  • Highlighting customer reviews
  • Turning website visitors into leads
  • Growing your audience

Once you’ve set your goals, you can make a plan for how to achieve them. If your goal is to sell physical products, for example, consider how you’ll organize your inventory, promote products, and process payments.

2. Choose a website builder - Commrz

You can use Commrz’s website builder to create all kinds of websites, not just online stores. When you create a website on Commrz, you’ll get access to customizable, mobile-responsive themes and 24/7 live support to help you design your website, your way. Commrz Website builder is used for designing web pages and adding features. They provide ease to use admin panel, so you can design without coding knowledge.

The best website-building software includes:
  • Templates and themes to speed up creation
  • Free stock images
  • Add Product to your webiste
  • Optimization of your website

3. Pick a domain name

A domain name is your website’s digital address—it’s how people find you online. It gives your business credibility and, when picked with care, helps your site rank higher in search results for industry-related keywords.

When choosing a domain name:
  • Keep it short and brand appropriate
  • Select a top-level domain (TLD), if possible
  • Consider country-specific domains (.ca,, etc.)
  • Include keywords related to your website

4. Add products to your online shopping website

A relevant page on your website means different things depending on your business type.
Product and collection pages are necessary if you’re running an ecommerce site. You’ll want landing pages for your menu and reservations if you’re a restaurant owner. Real estate professionals will likely add a page to showcase their listing and a form to collect contact information.

When choosing a domain name:
  • Keep it short and brand appropriate
  • Select a top-level domain (TLD), if possible
  • Consider country-specific domains (.ca,, etc.)
  • Include keywords related to your website

5. Setup an ecommerce payment system

Many businesses build websites to make sales. To achieve that goal, it should be as easy as possible for visitors to buy through your website. Whether you’re dropshipping or selling your own products, a seamless payment system is non-negotiable.
Luckily, today’s website builders typically come with native payment processing systems or ecommerce plug-ins that you can use to accept customer payments.
All Commrz plans include Payments integration, which lets website owners accept credit cards—no third-party apps necessary.

6. Preview, test, and publish your website

Creating a website for your business is the first step in establishing an online presence. Test your site thoroughly to make sure content loads correctly and all hyperlinks function. Run a quick user experience check and ensure your products and services are presented in the way you want.
Send your website to coworkers, friends, and family to ensure it loads quickly and correctly across different devices and internet connections.
Give it one last look to make sure everything is good. By following this step-by-step guide, your new website should be ready to go live!

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  • Product Showcase

    Display your product in a visually appealing manner.

  • Keep them coming back

    Display Offer and Coupons on your website to increase traffic.

Ecommerce website Template
Estate Template
NGO Template
Clothing Template
Sports Template
Bakery Template
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Interiors Design Template
Ecommerce website Template
Estate Template
NGO Template
Clothing Template


A range of beautiful website templates for performance

Performance Optimized

SEO Optimized

Mobile Optimized


Our Plans & Pricing are

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Our pricing starts from 499* per month. Best suited for every kind of businesses.

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Our pricings are transparent which have no additional hidden cost in the name of setup or convenience.

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Value for Money

Features available on our platform clearly justifies the pricing we have for our platform.

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Guaranteed Refund

If you don’t like our platform or services, we provide guaranteed refund as per our Refund & Cancellation policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with commrz™?arrow

1. ​Sign up for a free website.

2. ​Customize a template or get a website made for you.

3. ​Get ready for business

4. Publish your website and go live

What currencies does website work with?arrow

You can sell and accept payments in many currencies, depending on what payment provider (also known as third party payment processors or payment gateways) you use.

How to Connect a Domain You Own to Your Site?arrow

If you already own a domain from domain registrar, You can connect a domain to your account - via "name servers"

What is HTTPS and SSL?arrow

What is HTTPS?

With HTTPS, the data that travels between your server and the site is encrypted and authenticated. If you don't have HTTPS enabled, any transferred data can potentially be accessed or manipulated by attackers.

Using HTTPS helps ensure:

1. Your visitors' information is encrypted (more secure), so they are more likely to visit your website.

2. Visitors are more comfortable making purchases and/or sharing their personal information.

3. Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is improved, as Google ranks HTTPS sites more favorably.

What is SSL?

A Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL certificate, allows your visitors to view your site over an HTTPS connection. It secures the connection between your browser and the web address you're visiting.

When a webpage has a SSL certificate, you can see a lock icon on the address bar next to the domain. Clicking this icon shows you more SSL details. However, if there isn't an SSL certificate, an "i" icon appears instead.

Unable to Sign In to Your Account: Forgot Passwordarrow

If you are unable to sign in to your account because you have forgotten your password, you can have a reset link sent to your email address.

To have a password reset link sent to your email:

1. Click the Forgot Password

2. Enter your email address for the email associated with your account.

3. Check your email and follow the instructions.

Which languages does website support?arrow

The customer-facing parts of your website, including ecommerce website, blog, checkout, and emails can be in any language if the theme supports it.

Can I use my own domain name?arrow

Yes, you can use your own domain name.If you have an existing domain name, you can connect it to from your store’s admin.

In what countries can I use website?arrow

You can use website in nearly every country in the world.

Troubleshooting technical issuesarrow

1. Try incognito mode

2. Clear your cache

3. Disable add-ons and extensions

4. Try a different network connection

Still having issues?

If you're experiencing technical problems after completing the steps above, contact us for help.

Custom Solutions

Try commrz free for 15 days, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business.

15 days free trial. No credit card required.

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