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Best Online Shopping Website in India

Published By Shashiglasses16 May, 2024
Best Online Shopping Website in India

Online Shopping Websites in India

Online shopping has witnessed tremendous growth in India over the past few years, emerging as one of the major retail trends across metros and smaller cities alike. According to industry reports, the Indian e-commerce market is expected to reach $120 billion by 2026, growing at an annual rate of over 25%.

Especially post-pandemic, consumers have grown accustomed to the safety, ease and round-the-clock access provided by virtual storefronts.

Additionally, driving this uptake are new-age digital platforms that have made shopping from home a convenient and seamless reality.

Why Online Shopping Websites are Important

Additionally, below are the key points on why online shopping websites are important in India:

Why Online Shopping Websites are Important
  1. Reach: Online marketplaces allow sellers to reach customers all over India and sometimes globally.
  2. Convenience: Customers can purchase from the comfort of their home on their schedule while sellers don’t have to worry about operating physical storefronts.
  3. Low Cost of Entry: Platforms like commrz offer free listings and website builders, allowing anyone to easily sell online without large upfront investments.
  4. Enhanced Discovery: Marketplaces improve product discoverability using features like search, personalized recommendations, catalogs etc.
  5. Data & Insights: Online platforms provide a wealth of data about customer behavior, top selling items, seasonal trends etc.
  6. Industry Growth: E-commerce has become one of the fastest growing industries in India. By selling online, businesses can tap into this expanding sector and gain customers who regularly shop digitally.

What to Consider Before Selecting an Online Shopping Website in India?

Below are some important factors one should consider before selecting an online shopping website in India:

  1. Seller Fees: Check listing, transaction and other charges applicable. Free or low-cost platforms give smaller budgets better chances.
  2. Available Seller Tools: Look for useful features like inventory management, GST invoice generation, order tracking etc. to smoothly run operations.
  3. Payment Options: Verify integration of popular e-wallets, UPI, debit/credit cards for a seamless checkout experience.
  4. Website Building & Customization: Choosing platforms providing DIY website builders saves costs.
  5. Marketing Support: Promotional initiatives, content tools, analytics help get discovered. Enables organic growth alongside sales.
  6. Order Fulfillment: Key for quicker shipping nationwide. Check partnerships with logistics providers for seamless deliveries.
  7. Customer Support: Dedicated helplines and communities augment guidance for onboarding and ongoing help.
  8. Security Practices: Protecting financial and user data is mandatory. Check certification for safe selling and shopping.
  9. Existing Seller Performance: Read verified reviews and compare performance metrics like sales volumes across sites.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India
  1. Amazon India: A global e-commerce giant offering a vast range of products, including electronics, fashion, books, and more.
  2. Flipkart: One of India’s largest e-commerce platforms, known for its diverse product offerings, including electronics, fashion, appliances, and more.
  3. Myntra: Specializing in fashion and lifestyle products, Myntra is a popular destination for clothing, footwear, and accessories.
  4. Snapdeal: An online marketplace offering a wide range of products, including electronics, fashion, home goods, and more.
  5. Paytm Mall: An e-commerce platform associated with the Paytm digital wallet, offering a variety of products with cashback and discounts.
  6. ShopClues: A marketplace that focuses on providing a platform for small and medium-sized businesses to sell a variety of products.
  7. Tata Cliq: An online shopping platform by Tata Group, offering products in categories like electronics, fashion, and more.
  8. Nykaa: A beauty and cosmetics-focused e-commerce platform, offering a wide range of beauty and personal care products.
  9. Big Basket: A leading online grocery store in India, offering a wide range of food and household products.
  10. FirstCry: An online store specializing in baby and kids’ products, including clothing, toys, and accessories.

The Rise of commrz : Best Online Shopping Website Builder

Above all, commrz has quickly established itself as one of the leading platforms for Indian entrepreneurs to set up online stores. Subsequently, commrz unique “5-minute website builder” allows sellers to create polished, professional sites without any coding skills – a true game-changer. Entrepreneurs appreciate commrz’s focus on empowering local talent to compete globally.

Why commrz is the Best Online Shopping Website Builder for Indian Consumers

commrz has rapidly established itself as the marketplace of choice for both shoppers and sellers thanks to its unique customer-centric approach. However, as India’s digital e-commerce sector booms, let’s explore what makes commrz stand out from its competitors.

The Rise of commrz : Best Online Shopping Website Builder
  1. Empowering Local Sellers: commrz believes small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Their revolutionary store builder and free listing policy enables entrepreneurs to start online hassle-free. This promotes ‘Made in India’ goods, benefiting the community.
  2. Wide Assortment of Products: From apparel to accessories, commodities to cosmetics – you’ll find all your needs under one roof. Both international and domestic brands are represented across genres. Massive catalog keeps audiences engrossed.
  3. Seamless Shopping Experience: Smooth site navigation through optimized apps as well as web version makes shopping joyous. Easy account creation, secure payment tools, cashback rewards keep customers loyal to the brand.
  4. Reliable Delivery Services: Ensuring on-time updates and hassle-free deliveries has made commrz synonymous with reliability. Strategic tie-ups with major logistic partners ensure fast doorstep service pan-India.
  5. 24×7 Customer Service: From payment assistance to product advisories, commrz’s dedicated customer support staff goes beyond to solve any user queries efficiently. They strive to ensure 100% buyer satisfaction on every order.

In today’s digital age, it’s not just about great deals but also convenience that counts. With its array of user-friendly features and community-focused approach, commrz brings both – making it a top choice for Indian customers and businesses alike.

In this blog, we will discuss how to create your own website on commrz platform:

How to Create Your Own Website on commrz

Are you a business owner waiting to unlock your online potential? As India’s leading digital marketplace, commrz is ready to help you establish an engaging online presence without any hassles.

In just 5 simple steps, you can start selling to customers across the India:

  1. Sign Up: Visit and enter your details to register for a free seller account.
  2. Create Your Storefront: Choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates and customize with your logo, colors, products etc.
  3. List Your Inventory: Use our easy upload tool to add photos and details of each product/service you offer.
  4. Accept Payments: commrz seamlessly integrates popular payment gateways for safe, secure transactions.
  5. Start Selling: Once live, your store can be found via search and promoted using our marketing tools.

From there, seamlessly manage orders, shipments, customer queries and analytics – all within your commrz dashboard.


In conclusion, this gives a glimpse into the diverse opportunities available for domestic and cross-border entrepreneurs in India’s booming digital marketplace industry. Choosing the right online selling platform depends on individual goals and budget. But the future remains bright for all committed sellers on these websites.

However, as online business increasingly takes centre stage, commrz is uniquely poised to empower lakhs of Indian merchants. With customer-centric innovation, commrz promises to remain the most enabling website for entrepreneurs everywhere.

FAQs about Best Online Shopping Website in India

  1. How to create a best shopping website in India?
  2. Ans: Below are the steps which can help you to create best shopping website in India:
    1. Choose an ecommerce platform. An ecommerce platform lets you build and start an online store experience, make sales, and fulfill orders.
    2. Decide on a target audience. A target audience is the group of people your marketing efforts are focused on.
    3. Choose your products.
    4. Design your site.
  3. What is the biggest online store in India?
  4. Ans: leads this market with revenues of US$133,460.0 million in 2022.
  5. How can I sell online without a website?
  6. Ans: Selling your business online without a website works the same way. You align your products with your target audience’s attention by using marketing platforms and sales strategies that ensure you’re in the perfect location, such as: Joining online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Using Facebook and Instagram.

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