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Sell Products Online Without GST

Published By Akankshaglasses30 Jan, 2024
Sell Products Online Without GST

If you are a small business owner or an individual looking to sell products online, you may be wondering if it is possible to do so without the hassle of dealing with Goods and Services Tax (GST). What is possible to sell products online without GST? While GST regulations vary by country and jurisdiction, this article will provide some general information and tips on how you can sell products online without GST.

In this article, we discuss all the sell products online without GST processes and the further steps required for. The sell products online without GST Online process system and here we will tell you what kind of products we can sell without GST. Keep reading as we talk about how to sell products online without a GST number in more detail. We also talk about the goods/services exempted from GST.

Looking to sell products online without GST? Discover how you can navigate the world of e-commerce without the burden of GST at commrz. Learn about exemptions and regulations for different product categories. Make informed decisions for your online business and explore the options available to sell products . Start your e-commerce journey today with commrz.

What is GST?

Before we dive into the methods of sell products online without GST, let's first understand what GST is and why it is important. GST is a consumption tax imposed on the supply of goods and services in many countries around the world. It is designed to be a value-added tax, meaning that it is levied at each stage of the production and distribution process.


GST helps governments generate revenue and ensures that businesses contribute their fair share of taxes. However, for small businesses or individuals selling products online, dealing with GST can be complex and time-consuming. That's why it's important to explore options that allow you to sell products without the need to register for GST.

How you can sell online without a GST ?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sell online without a GST :
  • Choose a good or service that is exempt from GST
  • Select an online marketplace where you can sell such as meeso or Flipkart
  • Create a seller account on the platform
  • Make a product listing for it
  • Promote your goods with branding and marketing strategies

Method 1: Selling Exempt or Zero-Rated Goods

One way to avoid GST when selling products online is to focus on selling goods that are exempt or zero-rated. Exempt goods are products that are not subject to GST at all, while zero-rated goods are products that are subject to GST but at a rate of 0%. By selling exempt or zero-rated goods, you can bypass the need to register for GST and collect taxes from your customers and sell products online without gst.


It's important to note that the list of exempt or zero-rated goods may vary depending on your country's tax regulations. It's advisable to consult with a tax professional or research your local tax laws to determine which goods fall under these categories.

Method 2:Selling below GST limit

In some countries, there is a threshold for GST registration. A certain annual turnover amount exempts businesses or individuals from the requirement to register for GST.By keeping your sales below the GST threshold, you can sell products online without the need to deal with GST compliance.

Steps to perform online sell products online without GST in India

A series of steps exist to perform online sales in India without GST.  Commrz will introduce you the detailed steps to help you perform online sell products online without GST in India.

Step 1 – Identify Non-Taxable Products for Online Sale

The first move in selling online without GST in India is to select products exempt from taxes. While many products require a GST number, others, like digital downloads, software, and certain services, can be sold without it. It’s vital to thoroughly research and confirm the tax status of your chosen products.

Step 2 – Choose the Right Online Selling Platform

Selecting a suitable platform is a critical step in online sales without GST. Here are some factors to consider:
  • Fee Structure: Different platforms have varying fee requirements. Consider whether you are comfortable with the fees charged by the platform.
  • Ease of Use: Evaluate how user-friendly the platform is. Consider the support provided for account setup and product sales.
  • Platform Features: Assess each platform’s features and determine if they align with your needs as a seller.

Step3 - Develop a full Product Listing

The next step is to create a detailed product listing. This is where you showcase your products, complete with pricing, stock availability, images, and descriptions. A well-crafted product listing is crucial for attracting and informing potential buyers. Which we can sell products online without GST.

Step 4 - Ship Your Products to Customers

You have several options for shipping, each with its own set of advantages.  These services are reliable and offer various shipping options to suit your needs.

Another viable option is to use shipping services provided by online retail platforms like Amazon or eBay. These platforms often have integrated shipping solutions, making it easier for sellers to manage deliveries and you sell products online without GST.

Step 5 - Manage Customer Service Efficiently

Effective customer service is essential in the world of online selling platforms in India sell products online without GST. You must always ensure a robust customer service plan. This will be key in addressing any queries or concerns your customers might have.

Clear, concise product descriptions and high-quality images are also crucial.They help customers easily find and make informed decisions about their purchases. 

Which one product can be sold without GST?

If you're considering selling products without GST, So you can see here which products can be sold without GST:


1 . Healthcare Products:

Many countries exempt medicines, medical devices, and healthcare products from GST. This includes prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, medical equipment, and Supplies.

2 . Educational Materials:

Books, textbooks, educational materials, and supplies are often exempt from GST. This exemption aims to support education and make learning resources more accessible and you can sell products online without GST.

3.Basic Food Items:

In many countries, basic food items such as fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, and dairy products are exempt from GST and this products you can sell products online without GST.  

Governments often exempt essential food items and necessities from GST in order to ensure affordability for consumers. Similarly, certain product categories are also exempted from GST. Therefore, businesses must determine which products they wish to sell given the tax implications of exemptions.


This guide explains the online sell products online without gst process, simplifying stages like.By following the steps  in this , you can a successful business. staying focused on your passion and generating revenue without the burden of GST. Remember to stay updated on relevant legal and compliance aspects as the business landscape evolves.

This comprehensive guide provides a clear roadmap for utilizing online selling platforms in India without GST, from selecting the right platform to understanding what products and services can be sold.

How to Create Your Own Website on commrz

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  5. Start Selling: Once live, your store can be found via search and promoted using our marketing tools.

From there, seamlessly manage orders, shipments, customer queries and analytics – all within your commrz dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sell Products Online Without GST

Q. Can I sell my product online without GST?

In India, businesses with an annual turnover exceeding INR 40 Lakhs need to obtain a GST number. However, businesses might soon be allowed to engage in online selling without having to register for Goods and Services Tax (GST) where turnover falls below the threshold limit.

Q. Can I do business without GST?

 As per Indian laws, any business with an annual turnover of over Rs. 40 lakh is required to register for GST. Not registering for GST for turnover below this threshold is allowed.

Q. How you can sell online without a GST ?

 Sell products or services that are exempted from GST such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, books etc. Check the GST exemption list carefully.

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