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Setup a business email for your brand on Commrz

Published By Adminglasses13 Jan, 2024
Setup a business email for your brand on Commrz

It is important to use a professional and branded email address, as it conveys a sense of trust and legitimacy. Using generic or personal email addresses for business-related emails may not appear as professional or trustworthy to your target market.
The Store Owner Email is the primary user for your entire Commrz account. It is the first user account created when you start a new store and is granted all administrative permissions. Here you will get all the extensive details of orders, customer lists and products.
The Sender email is your customer-facing address. It is the email address representing your store used to communicate with your customers where your customers can contact you directly. The sender email will extensively be used to send all the order notification emails to your target customers. Let’s dive into more details about each of the steps involved in building a website.

How to configure Email on commrz™ ?

  1. Visit, go to commrz™ dashboard
  2. Click on Settings
    Setup a business email
  3. Click on Mail, fill the required fields and click Save button.
    For Gmail Account

    Setup a business email for your brand
  4. For Godaddy Account

    Setup a business email for your brand on Commrz

    How to change store Email address on commrz™ ?

    By default, the store contact address is the email address that you use when you sign up for commrz™. Here is the instruction on how to change your store’s email address on commrz™.
    1. Go to commrz™ dashboard > Settings
    2. Go to the Store tab
    3. Update your Email Address
    4. Click Save button
    After making the changes, scroll up to the top and click the Save button and your new email is successfully updated.
    Setup a business email on Commrz

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